Love of Wisdom

Our magnificent, perfect universe is mostly beyond our earthly perception. Yet, through personal experience and my work as a Reiki master, I have come to glimpse a set of truths, which have brought me hope and inner-peace. These beautiful and powerful wisdoms sit at the very heart of the Frankie West Collection. Discover them for yourself.

  • Now, this very moment, is the epitome of our entire existence.  It’s important, feel it. Experience the full splendour of life.
  • To have faith and belief is to open your heart. Trust your inner voice – it’s your connection to all things wonderful.
  • We are all energy, and energy cannot be destroyed – it just changes form. Positive thought and action will always attract positive energy.
  • Separation is an illusion. Connected souls are joined by the synergy in their vibrations.
  • Love binds for all eternity. Don’t be afraid; love like it’s going out of fashion!

Everything I create comes from the heart, in loving memory of our brave and courageous son, Isaac Samuel West. Every bracelet or necklace I make comes with my signature tag which carries Isaac’s feather on the back and so a little of Isaac’s love goes into everything. Please wear it with pride on your adventures, wherever life may take you!

He will always be my teacher, my inspiration, my endless love…