My name is Frankie West, creator of energy enhancing crystal jewellery, a reiki master using reiki drum and sound as a therapy too but life has not always been love and light.

I started my career many moons ago as an Accountant, I have 3 amazing children, and here comes the deep stuff. My first born, Isaac, passed away when he was nine and a half (that half is important, every second was important) and so my very orderly life began to unravel beyond any earthly control.

In 2008 life changed beyond all recognition, I had a little boy aged 4 just starting school and a little boy aged 6 just about to start the biggest battle ever – cancer. We fought so hard, we loved, we laughed until our sides ached, we cried until you would think there would be no more tears and we travelled the world together in search of miracles and healers. I cannot ever describe the fear that we lived with for those 3 years only to say since his passing the fear has been overlaid with utter devastation and such a deep sadness beyond any language I have to convey it.

But the joy, the joy we shared, the memories, the tenderness and the profound awareness of a deep and unconditional everlasting love cannot help but shake you to the core and so this is how my life took a different turn. Isaac opened my eyes to the world of energy and infinite possibilities and like a small and wise Buddha he slowly lead me to my calling, to work with energy, to create and hopefully to inspire why is I chose the eponymous name for my creations.

I tell my tale not for sadness, but for a little background, we squeezed the life out of every day we had together, we did so much and experienced so much together and our love and memories are ours to keep, unlike our physical bodies. Isaac has an abundance of love each and every day as do his siblings, his sister Ysa who has since joined us on the earth plane talks of Isaac all the time, he lives in and through us all. After all, energy can never be destroyed, it just changes form and so it is.

So this is where I shall park my bio, I’m a Mum, a wife and I’ve been through some tough times, not unlike many but we are all strong, we are all resilient and I believe in the power of the human spirit more than ever.

I love working with crystals, when I’m in the zone time flies, creations appear and the ‘work’ is done, I can connect to the energies of the crystals and to those I’m making jewellery for, I can’t explain it but I feel it and I trust it and its beautiful to be able to connect this way, it’s a gift, one I think I have worked hard for, I just don’t have a certificate for it so just trust me on this! 😉

These bracelets become powerful talismans, this is true alchemy (a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination) and I love it, I hope you love them too xx

I’m the one on the left 😉