Care of your Frankie West Crystal Bracelet

All Frankie West creations are hand made to order. The crystals are conscious and will be attuned and activated to the guardian of the crystals consciousness (the recipient), each piece of jewellery is a very powerful healing and transformational tool.

The commitment to own and wear these powerful crystals mean that they will now be working with the recipient on every level for their highest good, they will be tuning into their energy, releasing what no longer serves and enhancing positive patterns for optimum well-being. Yes they are subtle but make no mistake, the unseen carries its own special kind of magic.

To get the most from your creation we advise that you wear it as much as possible, all of the time if you can as they will become a positive integration of your own energy even when you rest/sleep. Also, taking the bracelet on and off every day can put unnecessary stress on the bracelet which could lead to sagging.  If you do take your bracelet off please ROLL it on and off and do not over stretch it.

The jewellery can be worn in the shower in fact we recommend this as crystals absorb negative energies from our space to assist us and so they will need cleansing to allow them to continue to absorb the energies that we no longer need. The best way to do this is simply to keep them on whilst showering, the water will cleanse them and the crystals will be ready for another day at the office!

Whilst showering is ok swimming is not, the harsh chemicals in chlorine are not conducive to healing and our sensitive crystals will not appreciate the toxicity, neither will the silver signature tag and bead -these will tarnish with chemicals. Strong perfume and body lotions can also erode your bracelet.

Your new Frankie West creation comes complete with a 6 month warranty. Should your jewellery break or over stretch within this 6 month time frame your bracelet will be re-strung free of charge. However if any beads are lost a small replacement charge will be made.

If your jewellery should break or over stretch outside of this time frame a £10 re string fee will be charged in addition to the cost of any missing beads, your crystals will be cleansed and recharged at this time.

Please bear in mind that if your jewellery does break, it could be time for new crystals to work with you on your journey so why not add to your collection and see where they take you?

But most importantly, enjoy wearing your new jewellery, we hope you love it!