Reiki is a gentle and loving universal energy, it is not bound by our humanity, our restrictions and barriers we place in time and space, it transcends all. We are all connected at a universal and energetic level, you don’t have to believe it, it just is…and so anyone can receive reiki, wherever and whenever in the world they may be.

I am a reiki master, I use reiki drum and crystals for healing, however, the more I have been working with the crystals, creating many bespoke pieces of jewellery by tuning into energy fields the more I have honed my skills for distance work and healing. I can easily connect to the vibrations and emotions of others just by thought and this has become increasingly powerful. It is not that I am powerful at all! but I have managed to work through a lot of my own energy congestion to raise my vibration so that these frequencies become more accessible to my energy field, and that is how my work is evolving.

Each piece of jewellery is hand made by me and by default each creation is imbued with the loving and healing energy of Reiki.

Keep an open mind, and just relax, enjoy your crystals, all I ask is that you allow energy to flow, to set an intention to receive the energy in the loving way it is intended and to release what no longer serves you…and just breathe