Frankie West Jewellery was inspired by, and created in loving memory of, Isaac Samuel West, our beautiful, funny, unbelievably brave boy, who shared our lives for nine precious years.

Isaac was just 6 years old when he was initially diagnosed with cancer, after following protocol he relapsed and it was at this point, led by Isaac’s guiding presence, intuition kicked in and we began to explore a multitude of complementary and alternative therapies.

Isaac was so pure and light, courageous and wise beyond his young years and he inspired me, guided me and opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world full of infinite possibilities where anything and everything is possible, with a little faith and an open heart and mind.

Together, we explored the healing power of crystals and we embraced all manner of healers, healing energy and healing tools, we utilised nature’s power around us to assist Isaac on every level, mind, body and soul. And with this healing came intense love, compassion and understanding. I learned so much about our ‘being’ our soul light, our purpose and how powerful love and a simple shift of perception can be.

Our universe is packed full of wonderful vibrations, everyone and everything in it is connected and vibrates on different frequencies – our Frankie West Jewellery Collections vibrate on the most intense and wonderful frequencies to uplift, nurture and inspire your very being on every level. The powerful and carefully selected crystals embrace everything that Isaac taught me on our journey and they represent our union. They are an expression of true unconditional love and a celebration of life.

My son is my true guiding light, my inspiration and my teacher, and that he walks with me daily. I believe that great gifts can be found everywhere, even in extreme adversity. This is Isaac’s legacy, which I want to share with the world.


Frankie West